Monday, May 19, 2008

Freedom Writers: Racism Against Latinos

"Yeah she would fit in very nicely there; she and those supposedly gifted white kids who think they’re better than everybody else. She walked in here all “I’m sweet and I care about you” mode. It’s not going to work. We all know she is going to treat us like everybody else has. The worst part is, I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s the one who’s going to change US. She alone, the “too young and too white to be working here” teacher is going to reform a group of helpless “sure to drop out” kids from the ‘hood" (6).

"Latinos killing Asians. Asians killing Latinos. They declared war on the wrong people. Now it all comes down to what you look like. If you look Asian or Latino, you’re gonna get blasted on or at least jumped. The war has been declared, now it’s a fight for power, money, and territory; we are killing each other over race, pride and respect" (10).

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