Monday, May 19, 2008

Racism Against Hispanic Students

Settlements and Verdicts
Hispanic Racism

Brewster, NY: (Mar-19-08) A racial discrimination lawsuit was brought against the Brewster School District in 2005, alleging that a Brewster principal called 27 Hispanic students into the high school library and told them they have less respect for one another, fight more and have lower test scores than Anglo students. The suit, filed in October 2005, claimed that the racially motivated comments came from former Brewster High School Principal Randy Phillips, who was accused of singling out Hispanic students to attend a meeting with administrators and police due to recent fights at the school. In the meeting, he allegedly asked them to sign a contract stating that any future violation of school rules would result in immediate suspension or expulsion. The suit named Phillips and former superintendent Jim Kelly as defendants, along with the school district. Sources stated that a settlement was reached in the case, in which 20 students were awarded $14,000 each, and 18 parents won $1,750 each for a total settlement of $311,500.

Ruben Carrera, appointed by the US District Court in Spokane in December 2006 and hired by the Brewster School District to monitor a settlement between the district and 38 students and parents who sued over discrimination, stated that he has a positive report to share. He stated that the school had made important policy changes to prevent discrimination, as a result of that, Hispanic students in Brewster are now more involved in school activities. [WENATCHEE WORLD: DISCRIMINATION SETTLEMENT - 'VERY POSITIVE REPORT' FOR BREWSTER SCHOOLS]
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