Monday, May 19, 2008

Racism in Colleges (a bit off-topic)

Georgetown Students Protest Racist Incidents

WASHINGTON -- Hundreds of students at Georgetown University held a protest Friday, showing their solidarity against what they call a string of racist incidents.
The latest incident was a racially charged e-mail that was sent to members of the Black Students Alliance. The letter repeatedly used the N-word.

The letter also included lines like, "Go back to Africa, and don't come back," and, "Worthlessness is your ambition."

University officials said they were troubled by the e-mail and they investigated it. Georgetown's Internet security officers traced the e-mail and determined it did not come from a computer on the Georgetown campus.

The letter follows other incidents, including a report in which two white men yelled at a black girl, telling her to, "go pick up your welfare check."

In another incident, a professor apparently asked a class to name some of the ways to get into Georgetown University. One of the students mentioned something about being a minority and the class laughed, including the professor.

The students at Friday's protest said they want a stricter code on bias at the school. They also want sensitivity training and more African studies classes.
School officials said they want to meet with the students and plan to do so next week.

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